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Top 5 Types of Plugins Every Website Should Have

Top 5 Types of Plugins Every Website Should Have

I trust here I can suggest the top 5 types of plugins for WordPress websites that are a must have (or at least their functionality covered with your website builder). You may be realising that there is a lot more to websites than just writing your articles. It will all depend on your websites’ use but at least this will give you somewhere to start.

  1. A separate back-up plugin or functionality
    • Hosting companies will likely include this in your package, but not all. Servers can go down or your battery may die on you after you have spent an hour doing changes. Maybe, you’ve made some changes to your website and it all looks horrible and you want to go back and restore what was there before hand. Or you’ve been hacked.
    • It is good practice to have the ability to have automatic back-ups for your website in at least 1 or more location. This function is often free if you only have a small website. You can often have the back-up sent automatically to your own Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud account.
  2. . Log-in limiter
    • People who want to hack your site will just keep trying familiar log-ins until they get a ‘hit’. If your website writing package doesn’t already include it, this will slow hackers down.
  3. Security recapture
    • This is that annoying box on every website which is either a simple tick box to say you are not a robot. You then have to tick all the pictures that contain a zebra crossing but they are American pictures and they don’t all look the same! Sound familiar? The tide has changed and now you need this to help protect your website as there are a lot of cleverer people out there than you or I. These people may have their own ‘(ro)bots’ to find a way into your website but these bots cannot tick random boxes.
  4. Cookie Consent
    • With this type of plugin it actually makes it easier for your customers when they return to your website. This is because the ‘cookies’ remember certain pieces of information about them to improve their experience on your website. You can set it up so that you can ask certain questions as they are entering their email address and make the information compulsory before they click ‘send’. You may also need cookie consent to comply with GDPR. There are a number of these plugins that are simple but very useful. They are available free as well as paid/PRO ones.
  5. Social media account connector
    • You may have a website and feel very proud of it. But, there are many ways to connect with potential customers other than a website. Nearly everyone (I did say nearly!) has Facebook or WhatsApp (see mine in the bottom right hand corner on my home page), maybe an X (formally Twitter), Instagram or Pinterest account etc. Having your businesses’ own social media account is necessary these days and you should consider at least an easy-to-set-up Facebook. This is a separate topic in itself, but they become another marketing medium on which to advertise and connect.

Better informed about the top 5 types of pugins/functionality for WordPress websites?

I trust this has given you a little more insight into more functionality you can obtain from these top 5 types of plugins. I also trust it will give you better understanding as you discuss this with your designer /developer?

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