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Dedicated: Why Small Wonders?

Dedicated to supporting your new business

Dedicated and supportive in creating a website for your new business

I am dedicated to supporting new and small businesses, local churches wanting to be found online or bloggers with a great idea they want to share.


So, if you are too busy running your business, church or charity then let me create a website for you - one you would build for yourself if you had time. 


The same goes for maintaining and updating your company website.


Let me, as a trusted and experienced website builder, support you with your website and get found by those who don't know they need you yet!


I have a strong business and customer service background which will enable me to look at your website with the same business values that you might like yourself. 

Why I'm dedicated - my story

A friend of mine who had a small business told me he had been quoted £10,000 for the creation of a new website!

I told him that was ridiculous and not to pay it. 

However, this got me thinking; there must be a lot of small businesses needing affordable websites.

Undoubtably, there will always be people who are starting a new business adventure, a small local church wanting people to find them online or a new blogger with great ideas.

It may just be, though, that they need to update their website for their growing, but still small business.

They will all need someone who is supportive and dedicated, like them, to create a website for them. 

That was how Small Wonders Websites was born. 

Experienced Business Person and Website Builder

I have worked in business for around 20 years. This was in a number of management roles either supporting staff or our customers. During this time I was working on my degree to help me look to the future from a stronger footing.

I then decided it was a time to change and went on to qualify as a senior school Teacher, working for another 10 busy years.

Since finishing teaching, amongst other things, I have been building and maintaining websites for almost 7 years.

Subsequently, I started Small Wonders Websites so I could dedicate my experience and be supportive to other new and small businesses. 

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Why the diamond logo? Because they are small, resilient but still wonderful!

Why the diamond logo? They are small, resilient but, none the less, wonderful!

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