websites for your new and small business.

websites for your new and small business.

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A friend of mine who had a small business told me he had been quoted £10,000 for creation of a new website!

I told him that was ridiculous and not to pay it. 

It got me thinking though; there must be a lot of people who are starting a new business adventure, a small local church wanting people to find them online, a new blogger with great ideas or you just need to update the website for their growing, but still a small business.

That was how Small Wonders Websites was born. 

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Affordable website design and/or creation to meet your needs

Starter Website from

£299 . 00

Perfect For Getting Online Fast
* Basic Only (but still wonderful!)
  • Contact details *
  • Responsive front page *
  • Site safety certificate (SSL)
  • Up to 2 pages
  • Set up back ups
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Connection to a social media account

Solid Start Up from

£499 . 00

Give Your Customers And Your Business A Solid Start
  • All from Starter package
  • Integrated Contact Form
  • Whole website mobile phone responsive
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Site Security
  • 3 free content updates in your first year
  • Connection with either Google or Bing Business or GA
  • 6 months free maintenance

Protect Your Website from

£15 . 00


Keep Your Website Up To Date
  • Monthly check, back-up, update of site features and security
  • 1 free page content update per quarter
  • Website advice by email

Additional Plans

Essentials Plan £20/mAs above but with monthly update of content on website. This would be adding up to 5 new photos with text, paragraphs, messages.

Premium Plan £25/mAs above but with website support  & will also add your content to one Social Media Account e.g. Facebook.

Additional Content from

£50 . 00


Keep Your Website Up To Date
  • I want to add a new page e.g. news, blog, special offer
  • I want to update the pictures in my website
  • I want to add seasonal offers to my website
  • I want to discuss adding a new feature
  • I want a second opinion on my website

Can't see what you are looking for but you are still a new or small business?

Book a call and let's see what we can do. 

Some of my previous creations

View for inspiration

Hartshill Bible Church

Hartshill Bible Church redesign & brand

This Church in Stoke-on-Trent needed an upgrade of their website; a new pastor was a good time to start. They also wanted an identity with the design of a logo and 'brand' colours. They wanted the site appealing to a number of audiences as well as presenting a lot of information about their beliefs. This was acheived using an 'accordian' style drop-down, so the information was all there but was tidy for anyone looking through their website. 

Waterways Chaplaincy creation by Small Wonders Websites

Waterways Chaplaincy Creation

This new charity needed a website that was focused to reach all users on our waterways and to attract new Waterways Chaplains. There was also a need to have documents and reporting available to support the Chaplains over the 2000 waterways miles. I was able to built an intranet which covered this and have access to all via a resources area.

St Edwards Park Management Co creation by Small Wonders Websites

St Edwards Park Man. Co creation & maintenance

This small management company wanted a simple means to communicate with the residents whom they represented. This was achieved by a blog feature. Minutes and updates can be found here but I was also able to offer the ability for residents to comment, upload and share pictures from their beautiful home. I continue to maintain and update this site.

Park Church, Stoke maintained by Small Wonders Websites

Park Church, Stoke maintenance and content

This busy local Church needed help for an equally busy minister to update and maintain the website. I help put together notifications of new activities as well as help with any problems that appear or new features that are required to keep up with this Church's needs.  

Childerplay website redesigned by Small Wonders Websites

Childerplay Redesign

(Please note that Ionos deleted this customers website by accident and are taking their time to compensate this customer). This customer wanted to keep his familiar feel but needed a professional update since its creation in 2018. Using their basic package with Ionos, I updated fonts, redefined the menus, removed impersonal content, highlighted the company features and utilised pictures of projects languishing on Facebook. Their hard-earned reviews have been displayed here together with videos of spectacular work.


See what others say about us

"This is a fab small company. They've managed one of my websites for the last couple of years and done a good job in keeping it updated and functioning as it should. Friendly, helpful, and can communicate effectively with non-techie people! Recommended." Google Business 5* review

Jon MasonJon MasonPastor, Park Church Stoke on Trent

"Small Wonders Websites created a website to cater for the Volunteer Management Company where we live. It was done professionally and support is provided as it is needed. They are polite, constructive, always helpful and always looking for ways to help and/ offer advice." Yell Business 5* review

Director, STEP Director, STEP Director

"Babs is an experienced developer offering the perfect service for a small company or charity looking to get on line with a limited budget."

Roger BaukhamRoger BaukhamWaterways Chaplaincy

Great company for rebuilding our website. Professional service, excellent communication, honest, friendly, and helpful. 

Nelu CozeaNelu CozeaPastor, Hartshill Bible Church

"What an absolute fabulous service. Friendly and professional from start to finish. I originally had a basic website which has now been totally transformed to include a host of amazing features. Thank you so very much. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again and would highly recommend."

Shane MatthewsShane MatthewsOwner, Childerplay

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