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Preparing For Your New Affordable Website With Small Wonders Websites – A Free Guide

Preparing For Your New Affordable Website With Small Wonders Websites – A Free Guide

Preparing for your new affordable website with Small Wonders Websites? You can download a free preparation guide for your website content. This form will guide you in gathering the important content for your website from all different areas of your business. You are also welcome to send me additional files and pictures through free file transfer programmes such as WeTransfer.

If you don’t see where your document has been downloaded, check the bar where the search box is for a symbol of an arrow and in-tray. You can also look in your Home file folder as it may appear there too. If you still have problems, please email me and I will send it direct.

Added value and affordability from Small Wonders Websites

The affordable website made for you by Small Wonders Websites INCLUDES your reasonable content (as provided and edited). Other website builders may only deliver a built framework for you but then you still need to pick up the baton and follow any notes provided to type and edit your own specific content within WordPress on your pages and posts.

My free preparation guide for your new affordable website helps you gather this information all in one place. It asks about your business’ strong points, what you offer that other companies don’t, the services you offer and much more.

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